January 31, 2016

See client Kellen Michael in Showtime’s hit series, SHAMELESS.

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Kellen on IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5258927/


About Kellen character in SHAMELESS:

Charles Nevins Slott, commonly called Chuckie, is the son of Samantha Slott and an unknown man. Chuckie lives with Sammi in a trailer at the beginning of Season four, but moves in with Sheila at the beginning of Season five. In Season five, Carl defends Chuckie from his bullies thus, resulting in his admiration for his “Uncle Carl”. While, Chuckie sees this as a friendship, Frank suggests that Carl take advantage of Chuckie’s lack of intelligence by using him for drug trade. Carl takes Frank’s advice and Carl uses Chuckie to smuggle drugs for his mission in Michigan. Chuckie ends up getting caught with the heroin and Sammi makes him tell the cops it was Carl’s fault. Chuckie ends up in Juvie for four months, for possession of illegal drugs. Chuckie’s respect for Carl remains, despite him being responsible for him being in Juvie. Chuckie is not very intelligent, and he doesn’t really speak much.