We couldn’t be more excited for our dear and close friend, Britt Robertson. She’s racking up the movie star points in the Memorial Day blockbuser, Tomorrowland. Starring alongside George Clooney, it appears she’s definitely solidified “movie star” status! We been shooting Britt’s headshots since she first set foot in Los Angeles. Armed with Deidhra Fahey headshots and natural talent … she was bound for stardom! At 25, she indeed, has arrived! Congrats Britt!

In “Tomorrowland,” Britt Robertson plays Casey Newton, a restless teenager with a deep love of science who meets a cantankerous inventor (Clooney) and is recruited to go to Tomorrowland, a glittering techno-utopia in an alternate dimension where humankind’s most brilliant minds push the bounds of what’s possible.

Plucky, whip-smart and relentlessly optimistic, Casey is cut from the Spielbergian cloth, an ordinary girl next door with extraordinary qualities. “She’s just your typical 17-year-old student, except she has a unique perspective on the world,” Robertson said. “She’s in love with space, and she wants to explore the world. She’s a take-lemons-and-make-lemonade kind of gal.”