LA’s Top Headshot Photographer, Deidhra Fahey, has been a professional photographer for over thirty years. She earned her initial ten years of experience on the East Coast in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts and has spent the subsequent years in Los Angeles, California where she been afforded the privilege of photographing many working actors as well as aspiring ones.

Many of her regular clients are management firms, agencies and casting directors who confidently and consistently refer their talent, which is quite a compliment given the number of photographers from which to choose.

Some of Deidhra’s working actors photographed include: Jennifer Lawrence, Britt Robertson, Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, Maggie Elizabeth Jones, Chloe Bridges, Josh Hutcherson, Gatlin Green, Joey King, Stefanie Scott, Ainsley Bailey, Jordan Fisher, Mackenzie Foy, Kaitlyn Maher, and Samantha Logan to name a few.

Deidhra Fahey truly loves her occupation, taking each and every project to heart. It is an added bonus for anyone with whom she works with that Deidhra has built a considerable network of agents, managers and casting directors. She enjoys extending her expertise to the talent in the Los Angeles area, giving aspiring actors, models and musicians the extra push they need to achieve their dreams.